Class story - by Mike Astbury

An activity that involves collaboration with the whole class to write a story that uses the target language. In the example we’re looking at non-defining relative clauses with a B1+ teen class, but adaptions for other grammar points and levels are discussed at the end. This is intended to be the production stage of a lesson.

Writing together

I tell my class that we’re going to write a fairy tale and I ask them how the story should start. This usually elicits ‘Once upon a time…’ but other openers are fine. I write on the board and I ask questions to generate a simple, short story from the class, writing their suggestions as I go.

Who is our hero? Where did the story take place/happen? Who was our hero’s friend/ally? When did it happen? What did he/she do? What happened next? How does the story end? (The questions were chosen…

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